Malin and the White Reindeer
A story for children and grown-ups


In a starry winter night in Sweden, six-year-old Malin meets a white reindeer with the ability to speak. Her name is Dálvi, and she turns out to be a wise and insightful friend for the little girl. 
Using the legends and traditions of the Sámi people of Northern Scandinavia, Dálvi teaches Malin many beautiful and exciting things about life, nature, seasons, elves and trolls, and the wondrous Northern Lights. 
A book parents will love as much as their children do, full of imagination and wisdom. 

tredition, 2017 (80 pages)
Original Edition 2015 in German

Paperback (ISBN 978-3-7439-7729-7): € 9,99
Tredition / Amazon / Autorenwelt

eBook (ISBN 978-3-7439-7730-3): € 2,99
Tredition / Amazon

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